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Primal Suds Soap Bar

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Primal Suds soaps have much more warthy scents so are great for those of you who like something a little more rustic. Shaped like they're carved from chunks of rock they look great in any bathroom. 

They also smell amazing and are great for your body and the planet.


This is what Primal Suds have to say about them...


Rather than explaining all the horrible stuff we DON’T put in our soap, it’s probably just easier to tell you what we DO put in….all products are CRUELTY FREE, PLASTIC FREE, PALM OIL FREE AND VEGAN FRIENDLY:

Coconut Oil: All of our soaps have a much higher percentage of coconut oil to the other oils, its sustainable, moisturising and nourishing on the skin, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Olive Oil: Moisturising and nourishing. An anti-oxidant.

Where some other companies use palm oil, we don’t and won’t. We use Coconut oil, Olive oil and Rapeseed oil instead and find its moisturising and lather properties kinder for you and the planet.

Shea Butter: Moisturising, hardens the bars making them last longer, stretching out your suds mate.

Clays & Charcoal: Absorbent qualities draw nasty stuff from skin. Naturally exfoliating, so there’s no need to push too hard. As with all charcoal products they may cause temporary bath smut…rinse and rub the tub and it goes away…like nothing ever happened.

Natural Essential Oils: All with different healthy properties, aromatherapeutic, revitalising and smell really good. (IF PREGNANT CONSULT DOCTOR BEFORE USING)

Natural Exfoliants:  Oats, Chia, Tea, Hemp, Clay, Charcoal…these also naturally colour our soaps, in some cases we use Spirulina or Annatto seeds as we do not use any artificial colours….well we don’t use artificial anything.

Lye: Lye is Sodium Hydroxide, mixed with water to make an extremely alkaline solution, when added to the fats it undergoes the transformation into soap. Once the process is finished no lye remains in the finished product, it’s changed into soap. Without lye you can’t make soap but don’t worry, people been doing this donkeys years….it’s safe.

Our soap has a built in scrubbing qualities with the exfoliating ingredients, so no need to push too hard, let the suds do the work. For those with sensitive skin, apply with sponge, flannel or cloud emoji from iPhone.

All bathroom soaps 100% biodegradable, with all packaging