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Personal Care Eco Starter Kit

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Upgrade your personal care routine with our eco-friendly 'Personal Care Eco Starter Kit'!

In this set, you'll get the following sustainable items: 

  • 1 daily liner CSP pad.
  • 1 regular CSP pad.
  • 1 extra protection pad.
  • 1-night pad.
  • 1 CSP pouch.
  • 1 pack of cosmetics wipes. 
  • 1 small teeny tub.
  • Pack of 3 handkerchiefs. 
  • Small net bag.

This is a fab set for you to try yourself or gift to someone who has been thinking about making a change! 

With a small selection of pads and other personal care items, it's a good way to try everything you may need.

Choice of backing is available for the cosmetics wipes (choose from terry, bamboo or Minky) and fabric choices are available on request.

Item fabrics will of course vary from those shown.

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