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Christmas and the New Year

Posted by Steph Murrell on

As we come to another Christmas and the end of another awesome year we all start to reflect on where we are now compared to last Christmas. 

So far this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster of an adventure but we're ending it on a fantastic peak!

We will be spending the break getting stock ready for the opening of SCOOP in Fleet. Kate has done an amazing job getting this together and I cant wait to work with her.

We will also be expanding our ECO range next year too with the introduction of a new reclaimed range which will be made with at least 30% reclaimed fabrics. We'll be making use of all of our scraps and offcuts too. Our aim is to create as little waste as we can.

You'll have noticed the new CLEARANCE SALE section too by now...these products will eventually be discontinued so take your chance now to get them at these rock bottom prices. Whether for yourself or as a gift you can be assured of only the best quality items at a fab price.

So where will you be this time next year? We have some amazing new plans going forward and can't wait to reveal these to you as we go along.

Have an amazing Christmas and I hope you'll all get a chance to relax and have some fun during the break. 

And, of course, for those of you who always read to the very end of every blog post we write here is your reward...

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